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Financial Planning Advice services

Superannuation Planning Advice

“Superannuation” financial planning advice services or best known as “Super” is the best way to save money and protect your future. Due to its favorable tax treatment, Super is essentially the largest assets in Australia after your home.With its numerous options of investment, Super itself is complex in nature and requires in-depth understanding and careful assessments to formulate strategies.Our financial advisers at Concurrence Financial Planning advice services help in your super funds  by:
  • Formulating strategies and provide advice to attract a tax deduction or tax offset, financial incentives and rebates.
  • Creating or consolidating your superannuation accounts and advice the amounts to contribute each financial year to achieve your financial goal.
  • Reviewing and updating you with the legislation changes, the latest strategies, and ways to make the most of your superannuation

SMSF Advice

With more people taking control over their retirement plans and savings, SMSF is on rising and is the fastest growing segment in the financial services industry. SMSF is different in nature from Super funds as it usually runs by or for you and other members of your SMSFs. We at Concurrence Financial Planning offer a range of financial planning advice services in order to run your SMSFs effectively. Our financial advisor can help in investment advice, insurance advice, portfolio diversification advice inside SMSF.

Retirement Planning Advice

We know even the thought of retirement can cause anxiety while you are working and very much active today. But it’s always wise to plan ahead to balance the life you want to live today with the life you want to live in retirement.If you are thinking about your retirement planning, there are few important factors need to consider which are:
  • Clear idea about how much money you need to live the lifestyle you design after retirement
  • Amounts that need to be saved (inside or outside super) to ensure income streams after retirement
  • Check the other income sources (e.g. Centrelink benefits entitlement) in pre and post retirement phase
  • Craft the best structure for your retirement savings
At Concurrence Financial Planning our retirement planning advisers can assist you to identify all the above factors and craft the best retirement plan to secure your life after retirement.With the extensive experience and best knowledge of the industry practices, our financial advisers are best in addressing the changes over lifetime and help to remove difficulties and build a retirement plan that is effective in stretching your retirement income for as long as possible and also grow your income for an enjoyable retired life with a peace of mind.

Estate Planning Advice

An effective estate planning is not about having a Will but includes tax effective Wills to protect your estate and the interest of the beneficiary when you pass away. Therefore a careful use of trusts and professional advice can protect your wealth and your family.Your estate planning requires a full plan of Financial support, Wealth circulation, Assets protection and Distribution strategies. We understand your unique circumstances and therefore Concurrence Financial Planning facilitate through a designated team of Lawyers helping in your estate planning advice needs and can add value in:

  • Creating your Will
  • Structuring Trusts involves testamentary, protective or family trusts and charitable trusts
  • Setting up powers of attorney, guardianship arrangements or advanced care directives
  • Administration of a deceased estate, including superannuation and death benefits, and Will disputes.

Furthermore, to adjust your estate planning advice in the events of the changes in your life, we also assist you in reviewing strategies and structures and provide options and advice to best match with the circumstances.

Life Insurance (Risk)

There are certain events in life that are beyond your control no matter how careful you are. Disaster can happen in any form but it can be managed if you have protections. Life Insurance is not about only risk management & protection but a way of giving you peace of mind because you know that even if anything happens to you or your family or your business, you will be financially secure. Concurrence Financial Planning advisers are committed to providing you the advice to address your insurance needs. We advise on a wide range of Life insurance products which are:
  • Life/ Risk Insurance – Income protection (replacement), Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Trauma or Criticall llness
  • Business Insurance – Key Person Insurance, Business Expense

Our expertise in the Life insurance industry and experience in designing and handling life, TPD, Income protection and Trauma insurances for clients enables us to select the most suitable quality insurance products that sufficiently cover clients needs and create value for their families.

Budget Planning Advice

A personal budget is a great way to achieve goals based on budget constraint as every consumer wishes to maximise utility  from the quantity of various commodities that they derive value from, given their fixed income. We at Concurrence Financial Planning advice services help people:

  • To identify the amount of money that one would require at a certain point of time in the future and help one achieve and set goals.
  • To understand expenses and know where the money goes
  • To realise possible avenues of minimizing expenditure provides room for contingencies and room for unforeseen circumstances.
  • To make their everyday finances sustainable to avoid future debt problems.

Financial planning, I believe, is not exclusively about retirement planning or investing or even portfolio management. If distilled to its purest elements, this discipline is more accurately understood as one that involves applying guiding principles to deal with our past, present and future finances.— Rajen Devadason

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