Essential SSL Tips on Estate Planning

Tips on Estate Planning


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When people owned real or financial assets and die without a proper valid Will then what would be the consequences?

There are likelihoods of increasing risks that the estate may be eroded by claimants or creditors and the actual beneficiaries may suffer.

Here are some tips which can help to mitigate the above situation if proper Estate planning is done alongside with the help of qualified professional:

•Making a will

•Appoint an enduring Power of Attorney.

•Appoint of enduring guardian;

•Consider an appropriate trust structure; and

•Making a superannuation death binding nomination with a super trustee

The above information provided in is unless specifically stated otherwise, general in nature and is not to be relied upon as personal financial advice as it has not considered your circumstances, needs or objectives.

If you wish to require advice on the estate planning matters please contact your personal financial or legal adviser.

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