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Financial planning is all about working systematically out and prioritising goals, appraising and identifying resources, tracking down the most suitable products and providers, and regularly reviewing the progress to keep the financial plan on track.

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As we move forward in 2015 the need has never been greater. The economy is in flux with greater uncertainty over the direction of the markets trends. Statistics showing Australians are living longer and much has been written about the looming retirement and crises in the nation.

Some Key Issues in financial advice

  • The majority of Australian adults lack in the budget.
  • Insufficient saving compared to past decades.
  • Inadequate retirement savings
  • Pension crises as government increase retirement age from 65 to 70 yrs
  • Government fiscal budget deficit widening gap
  • Reduction in Centrelink or welfare benefits
  • Increase taxes
  • Currency crisis due to depreciation in Australian dollar

Above key financial planning issues in some way effecting on most of Australian’s lives and making financial planning advice imminent to address these challenges in an appropriate manner.

Who We Are

Concurrence financial planning is a team of specialized licensed boutique financial advisers passionate about helping clients to achieve their financial goals.

In an increasingly competitive world, we believe it’s the quality of financial advice that gives you the edge – an idea that opens up new doors, a technique that solves a problem, or an insight that simply makes sense of it!

More About Us

Our Vision

To make our clients more satisfied and prosperous through strategic financial advice to maximise wealth.

Our Mission

Helping our clients by looking after their financial affairs and provide one-on-one holistic and scaled financial advice to achieve their financial goals.

Our Expertise

We are specialised in delivering professional financial planning advice on Superannuation, SMSF planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Investments, and Insurance in a tax effective way.

Few Great Reasons To Choose Us

Life Stage

We look after individual, families and senior citizens to guide through in every stage of life

Industry Expert

Our advisers are qualified, expert in financial planning and licensed under ASIC

We Serve You

We design strategies to serve your best interest as we don’t work for any particular institution

No Obligation to Pay

We will charge you only if you agree and decide to follow our advice

Let us help you in attaining your financial planning advice goals

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