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About us

About us

Who We Are

With years of experience in the financial planning advice industry dealing with clients of vast financial needs, We at Concurrence Financial Planning are industry experts helping you to attain your financial goals

Financial planning advice is all about whether you are about to start-up your career and need assistance in Super or started your new family or signed up for loans and looking to create your own SMSF or about to retire or looking to maximise Central link benefits, we partner to create value for you in every stage of your life.
Our financial planning advice and relevant industry experience help you to maximise your wealth goals whilst minimising tax legally and hence ultimately achieve your financial  planning goals or objective.
We are licensed boutique style financial planners and don’t work for any particular bank or financial institutions. So we have the flexibility and freedom to design appropriate financial planning advice  strategies to serve you better and protect your best interests.

How We Create Value

Understand Your Financial Planning Advice Need

An initial appointment to understand your financial planning advice goal and assess your financial standing to identify the possible opportunities

Share Our Findings

Provide a detailed summary, possible action plans, fees and charges upon which you may decide to continue.

Strategy Formulation

Upon your agreement, we start formulating financial planning advice strategies and find out the suitable options for your financial goal.


Present the financial planning advice statement, strategies and assist you thoroughly to help you in making an informed decision.


Once you are happy with our financial planning advice, we help you to complete the necessary forms and documents and ensure a smooth transition.

Regular Review

Our partnership continues with on-going coaching and education about the industry and regulations to help you keeping your financial plan on track.

Some Snippets of Our Success Stories

Helped our clients in minimising substantial taxes while formulated strategies to grow Super

Set-up, reviewed and helped our clients to comply with the regulations and protection strategy in SMSFs

Protected couples with suitable protection strategies without changing the present cash flow

Helped in maximising Centrelink entitlements and benefits for families and retirees

Strategically designed retirement planning that helped our clients to continue lifestyle and covered expenses

Let us help in attaining your financial planning advice goals

Our Partners

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