It is a widely known myth that estate planning is only for the wealthy and affluent couldn’t be farther from the reality. Estate planning is the process of allocating your assets in line with your wishes when you pass away.

An estate comprises of an individual’s assets (subtract any liabilities) at a given interval. It includes real property like house, land or vehicle, as well as one’s legal rights and privileges. By this consideration, nearly everyone has an estate, making estate planning a requisite for practically everyone.

Estate planning can be as plain as creating a will or setting up a living revocable trust, or both. The second option will keep your estate out of probate, which a simple will does not.


  • Securing your wealth
  • Protecting your beneficiary’s right
  • Tax benefits
  • Peace of Mind

Plan for your estate

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Creating your Will

An official record of distribution of your assets among the nominated beneficiaries

Structuring up Trusts

Involves testamentary, protective or family trusts and charitable trusts

Setting Up

Powers of attorney, guardianship arrangements or advanced care directives as per the strategy

Administration of

A deceased estate, including superannuation and death benefits, and Will disputes.


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The intricacy of your estate planning depends on the extent of estate and the type of ownership. Normally people overlooked the tax burden that their legal heirs end up paying due to lack of proper estate planning. So, estate planning is just not only about having a will but also a plan of tax benefits to protect your estate’s interests of the beneficiaries.

Your Next Step

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  • Identify the risks if any
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