5 Tricks to change spending habits

Many complaints about breaking budget and extravagant spending habits before reaching the end of the month. Unfortunately a majority of them oblivious about what trigger the most this “no cash situation”.

Let’s say you have gone to a supermarket just to buy milk and bread. But somehow you ended up shopping full of two or three bags. After returning home, you realised that you have bought items are already in your kitchen pantry!

Yes, you have just wasted your money and the trigger is uncontrollable spending habits.

The question is how to control this spending habit?

Here we suggest 5 smart shopping tricks that will help to change your spending habits and will make your month end smooth:

Shop with a list:

No doubt that the abundance of products or brands in the shining shopping malls can lure anyone to spend more. Therefore to be in the control mode, make a list first. Write down the items that you really need and strictly stick to it.

Take only Cash:

Obviously making a list alone isn’t enough to control the over spending habit. The main key is money! Take only cash for shopping. Leave your credit or debit cards at home or at least try not to use them. Carry only the amount of cash that you have budgeted for shopping. This will help you to save spending hell lot of money.

Leave and Come Back:

If you are looking for purchasing something (not included in your list), leave it for a while. Come back again maybe after an hour or a day or a week. This interval will eliminate the sudden temptation and help you to identify the actual need of that purchase.

Know your weakness:

If jewellery or gadget is your weakness, just avoid those shops. If you are crazy about eating outside, eat something at home before you go for shopping. Find out what triggers you to buy extra and stay away from it to control spending.

Look for deals or bargains:

Besides these above tricks, you can reduce your spending drastically through bargains.  Best is to wait for sale or clearance or go into bargain shops. This can actually save up to 50% than branded fixed priced items.

We know that the pay-off from these tricks will definitely save a good amount from your wallet and peace of mind as bonus.

Apart from everything, its important to know and understand what do you want more – a bitter present struggling with spending craziness or a future with smooth finances!

If you still unsure about controlling costs and changing habits, talk to your financial planner or just drop us a line at info@concurrence.com.au. We are happy to help in maximising your financial and wealth goals.