What is Total Permanent Disability

It’s a cover or protection strategy to pay a lump sum benefit if you become totally permanently disable and unable to work due to illness or accident.

Life is full of uncertainty and an accident or sudden illness can change everything in your life. Your debt or lifestyle can impact significantly if those events happen.

It may seem confusing to take both life insurance and TPD cover to look after your financial commitments. Remember, life cover mainly pays the benefit to your nominee when you will be no more around. But TPD will help you to continue your life if you become permanently disable. It’s a protection for you and for your financial commitment such as to settle any outstanding personal loans or medical expenses due to disability.


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Who can apply

You are eligible to apply for Life Insurance if you are:

  • An Australian citizen or permanent Australian residents
  • or A New Zealand citizens residing permanently in Australia
  • And aged between 18 to 74

What’s included in TPD Insurance

Similar to life insurance, there are types of cover available in TPD. They are:

Accident Cover – It will pay a lump sum benefit which is the insured amount or cover if you become permanently disable and unable to work due to accident.

Illness Cover –It will pay lump sum benefit if you diagnosis illness or disease such as cancer, heart diseases, neurological diseases and permanently disable or unable to work.

You can also get sports cover depending on insurer policy. Events of total permanent disability due to sports injury will be cover under this type of policy.

How to Structure Your TPD Insurance

Structuring the suitable TPD policy is little complicated and depends on your needs and priorities. The following points should be considered at the time of writing TPD policy:

Own occupation or Any: With own occupation option, the insurer will pay you the benefit if you are unable to work associated with your own occupation. On the other hand, any occupation option only provides benefit if you are unable to do any type of work. So, it’s important to understand the implications and structure the policy consequently.

Linked Policy or Stand Alone: You can also have option to link the TPD with Life insurance policy or take a stand alone TPD. Both have pros and cons and may impact the premium.

Definition of TPD: It widely varies from insurer to insurer and you must understand their definition before taking any cover.

There are also other aspects of TPD policy which are important to structure your cover such as buy back option. Our financial adviser can help you to understand and find the options suitable for your TPD policy structure.

Who receives the TPD Cover Benefits

The idea of TPD cover is to protect you financially if you become permanently disable. The lump sum benefit is for you to cover up your personal debt or home loan or your medical expenses. There are other types of personal insurances are available to look after your day to day expenses.

How much will Life Insurance cost

The cost of TPD insurance or premium depends on various factors such as your age, gender, occupation, cover amount, health condition etc. Your policy premium will also depend on how you want to structure it such as linked with life insurance or stand alone.

Our insurance adviser can help to choose your TPD insurance and cover amount and  select the options that best suit your objective.

Find out your suitable TPD insurance policy option and comparison.

Our Insurance Adviser Can Help You

TPD policy is complex in nature. The options or benefit may change or limited due to the structure of the insurance policy. Our expert advice can find and structure the policy that ultimately helps you when you need the most. We help you in:

  • Choosing a suitable product and an adequate amount of cover for total permanent disability
  • Understanding the TPD definition of insurer and which option to select to best protect your need and objective
  • We have the tool to access the top Australian insurers
  • We compare and help you to find the suitable TPD insurance product
  • We look after the application process and all other paperwork so that you can save your time and energy
  • We negotiate with the insurer to save your best interest
  • We follow up with the insurer until your TPD insurance policy is in effect
  • We help you to review your TPD insurance policy if your circumstances have changed