What is Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance is also known as critical insurance cover. It pays a lump sum benefit if you become critically ill with a specific medical condition. So, you will get an immediate financial support for your medical expenses involved in treatment and recovery and other financial commitments.

To qualify for the benefit or payment of trauma, your diagnosis needs to meet with the policy criteria. Generally trauma covers conditions like cancer, heart attack, stroke etc. But depending on the policy and insurer it may cover other conditions or illness.

The major benefit of trauma cover is that mostly it can pay claim immediately if you are suffering one of a list of clearly defined ‘events in the policy. But other insurance policy like TPD will pay benefit if the condition of an inability to work is met. Also your occupation may be categories as uninsurable and unable to get TPD or income protection.

Trauma cover gives a protection to cover your medical expenses, helps to seek out the best treatment possible, pay of personal debts and most importantly relieve the financial worry which could delay recovery.


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Who can apply

You are eligible to apply for Life Insurance if you are:

  • An Australian citizen or permanent Australian residents
  • or A New Zealand citizens residing permanently in Australia
  • And aged between 18 to 74

What’s included in Trauma Insurance

There are types of cover available in trauma. They are:

Cancer Cover – It will pay a lump sum benefit which is the insured amount or cover if you diagnosis with Cancer and ft in the policy criteria.

Illness Cover –It will pay lump sum benefit if you diagnosis with critical illness such as heart condition, neurological condition and organ disorder etc listed in the policy criteria.

Injury Cover – It’s a cover to pay lump sum if you are in critical condition due to injury as a result of accident.

How to Structure Your Trauma Insurance

Depending on the trauma cover type, you will get a lump sum amount in the event of critical illness or condition. The catch is the decided on the cover amount.

Trauma cover is more of a quick or an immediate financial support covering your medical expenses mostly and an emotion support till you finish the waiting period of other insurance policy.

Certainly the structure of policy will determine the cost or your premium such as stepped or level premium.

Our financial adviser can help you to identify the cover amount and suitable trauma policy based on your financial circumstances and objective.

Who receives the Trauma Cover Benefits

The idea of Trauma cover is to give you an immediate financial protection if you become critical ill or develop any condition. The lump sum benefit is for you to cover up your medical expenses or any short term debts. There are other types of personal insurances are available to look after your day to day expenses.

How much will Trauma Insurance cost

The cost of trauma insurance or premium depends on various factors such as your age, gender, occupation, cover amount, health condition etc. Your policy premium will also depend on how you want to structure it such stepped or level premium.

Our insurance adviser can help to choose your trauma insurance and cover amount and  select the options that best suit your objective.

Find out your suitable Trauma insurance policy option and comparison.

Our Insurance Adviser Can Help You

Trauma policy is very important as it aims to look after the short-term financial commitments. Your options or benefit may change or limited due to the structure of the policy. Our expert advice can find and structure the policy that ultimately helps you when you need the most. We help you in:

  • Choosing a suitable product and an adequate amount of cover for trauma
  • Understanding the pre-defined critical conditions of the insurer and which option to select to best protect your need and objective
  • We have the tool to access the top Australian insurers
  • We compare and help you to find the suitable trauma insurance product
  • We look after the application process and all other paperwork so that you can save your time and energy
  • We negotiate with the insurer to save your best interest
  • We follow up with the insurer until your trauma insurance policy is in effect
  • We help you to review your insurance policy if your circumstances have changed